altec PCIe x4 USB 3.0 Host Controller

Multi port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Host Controller with PCIe x4 and 4 separate USB 3.0 controller chips for maximum performance

Image altec PCIe x4 USB 3.0 Host Controller 360x261

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Data sheet altec USB 3.0 Host Controller (v.0.9 – 569 KB)

The altec USB 3.0 Host Controller interface card B40AL100* / B40AL101* guarantees highest data rates by PCIe x4 (PCI Express 3.0 specification). 4 separate USB 3.0 Host Controller chips Renesas / Nec μPD720202, each connected to a PCIe Lane of the PCIe x4 switch, allow a total data rate of maximum 20 GBit/s.


Common PCIe x1 USB 3.0 multi port interface cards often just have one USB 3.0 host controller chip, the different USB ports are just connected to an internal USB 3.0 hub. Due to the spread of the bandwidth there are just fractions of the actual data rate of 5 GBit/s available at each port. You will find nearly the same on many PC mainboard chip sets - a good amount of USB 3.0 ports but just a few USB 3.0 root controller with hub. Altogether this often leads to low transfer rates < 100 MByte/s per USB 3.0 port while processing.


Image altec PCIe x4 USB 3.0 Host-Controller Speed Graphic 570x56


Image altec PCIe x4 USB 3.0 Host Controller Features 360x235The altec USB 3.0 host controller interface card B40AL100* / B40AL101* with PCIe x4 connection (max. 20 GBit/s) and 4 separate USB 3.0 controller chips, each with a maximum of 5 GBit/s transfer rates,
accelerates proceedings of high performance applications many times over. Especially altec CopyStations benefit from this extra performance - as well as all other applications continiously at the same time having a high volume of data stream on USB 3.0.



Further key features:

  • 4 independent USB 3.0 controller chips
  • Connection per PCIe x4 - 1 PCIe lane per USB chip
  • Highest performance at port to port operations and data transfers to different USB 3.0 ports
  • 4 external and/or internal USB ports type “A” (please see equipping options)
  • High quality USB port jacks (specified for 5,000 mating cycles)
  • All USB port lines have special ESD protection
  • USB port protection of power supply by precise electronic fuses (instead of poly fuses as commonly used)

* Available equipping options:

  • B40AL100 with 4 internal and external USB 3.0 ports (each 8 port card comes with an internal and an external USB port at one USB 3.0 controller chip), 5 V voltage supply of USB ports optional on separate voltage controllers from the 12 V of PC power supply for a stabilised and high power demand, a maximum of 4.2 A on all internal ports and a maximum of 5.0 A on all external ports (1.5 A maximum per port, 1.2 A typical)
  • B40AL101 with 4 internal USB 3.0 ports, 5 V of PC power supply without voltage controllers, 1.5 A maximum per port, 1.2 A typical

Please ask our sales team for further customized equipping options.