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Maximum performance for content copies onto USB 3.0 devices & sticks (USB flash drives), testing and programming. The use of adapters connect many other devices such as SATA SSDs, CFast cards etc. to the altec “USB Stick Copy24 3.0” CopyStation.

USB Stick Copy24 3.0


Flexible and very fast solution for copying data contents, testing and programming from USB 3.0 compatible devices such as USB sticks (USB flash drives) and mobile devices with USB 3.0 interface – downwards compatible with USB 2.0

Suited for USB 3.0 flash drives (USB Sticks) and mobile devices with USB 3.0 interface for example tablet computer, navigation devices (PND), smartphones, mobile phones (also known as a cellular phone, cell phone and hand phone), media player, embedded systems, µcontroller, mobile data storage devices etc. compatible with USB mass storage standard devices - more usable media types such as SATA drives, SATA SSDs, CFast, flash cards etc. you will find in the PDF compatibility matrix on the right or at „Compare product“.

The simple operation and well-designed user interface of the altec PowerSoftware ensures a short learning curve and minimizes operator errors. Accordingly, the (personnel) costs resulting from the copy, test and programm process remain very low, reducing the unit costs for each produced USB (storage) device.

  • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed mode – the copying, testing and programming transfer rates of the altec “USB Stick Copy24 3.0” CopyStation are very high (downwards compatible with USB 2.0 HiSpeed mode)
  • Universality – all in one pass. Copying and (optional) programming of data or firmware, serialization, write protection etc. as well as perform test cycles are possible in a single operation.
  • Flexibility – For typical fields of application a wide spectrum of optional software modules is already available. Programming for special purposes? No problem.
  • Evaluation – detailed evaluation of copying, testing and programming processes for QA according to ISO 9001.
  • Quality – development and fabrication in Germany, full system support by manufacturer.