Single source for all your needs: altec provides an all-round service for the mass duplication and packaging of mobile memory media

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Card duplication services for state-of-the-art devices and

Navigation systems

The maps for modern navigation systems are often supplied on memory cards.
altec already provides a fast and reliable copying and labelling service for many leading suppliers of navigation systems and navigation data.

Mobile game consoles

altec can apply it’s extensive experience with copying memory cards to upcoming mobile game consoles.
One of the requirements is to provide copy protection for games which are supplied on Flash cards. An optional extension of our copying software reads the card ID number and sends it to an external program. The external program generates a card-specific key which is then stored on the card.
This technology can be used to ensure that the game can only be started from the original memory card.

Smart phones – Camera phones – PDAs – Notebooks

altec can copy price lists, catalogs, train timetables, games, ringing tones, music, technical data and software to your memory cards.
In the business sector for management and field representatives.
In the consumer sector for marketing and advertising activities and for customers and business partners.

MP3 Players

The market for MP3 players is expanding. In many cases, manufacturers or suppliers load them with music data before shipping. altec provides copying services for this market sector, too.

Convincing services for excellent results.

Supply of memory cards

Have a look at our extensive range of mobile memory media products: altec can supply unlabelled memory cards at the best prices. We are also happy to process memory cards which are supplied by you.

Duplication of card images

CopyStations allow altec to copy memory card images very quickly to any mobile memory media. The content of each memory card can be modified as required, e.g. for copy protection.

Card labelling

altec can apply custom labels to the memory cards. Our graphic artists can design the labels for you or we can manufacture labels from your ready-to-print digital layout. The polyester foil can be printed in a wide range of colors and designs.

Packaging and Jewel Cases

We can package any quantity of memory cards with adapters or similar accessories and can insert them into jewel cases of transparent plastic to protect them against dirt and damage.
The jewel cases can also carry a printed logo or label and can be provided with additional protection such as high quality metal boxes.

Blister packs

altec can put the cards or jewel cases into blister packs, optionally with a custom design or inlay. We can also provide other types of packaging. If required, the blister packs can include your accessories, too.